iPod Pre-orders Shipping

Apple’s freshly updated iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle aren’t available in stores yet, but they’re on the way to customers that pre-ordered last week. Apple unveiled the new models during a media event on September 1 in San Francisco.

The updated iPods are scheduled to hit store shelves some time this week, although Apple isn’t offering a firm date.

The new iPod touch will include a high resolution Retina Display, built-in front-facing camera with FaceTime support, a rear-facing camera that can capture photos and HD video, and is even thinner than the model it replaces. The new iPod nano sports a smaller square-shaped body with a touch screen interface, and the iPod shuffle returns to its button adorned square shape from earlier versions instead of sticking with the buttonless style found on the last model.

Apple also introduced the second generation Apple TV at the event with a promised end of September ship date, and iOS 4.1, which will be available some time this week.