iPresentee Releases 5 New iWeb Themes

iPresentee released iWeb Themes 5.0 on Wednesday. These theme are designed to be used with Apple’s Web site building application, iWeb.

iWeb Themes 5.0 includes five new themes:  Amber, Flowered, Blue-Black, Claret and the curiously named Free-liver. The new release extends iPresentee's iWeb themes collection to 45 themes. Each iWeb theme has ten templates. iWeb Themes 5.0 include the following templates: Welcome, About Me, Photos, My Albums, Movie, Blog, Podcast, Blank, My Hobbies and News.

iWeb Themes 5.0 can be customized. iWeb Themes 5.0 also includes an installer to make sure the themes end up in the right place.

Each iWeb theme is available for US$10. The set of five new iWeb Themes 5.0 may be purchased for US$25 through the iPresentee site.