irEdit Update Fixes Jaguar Issues

ideaResources has released an update for irEdit, bringing it to version 1.0.1. irEdit is a source code syntax tagger designed for multiple language identification. The update fixes OS 10.2 issues and includes a minor window enhancement. According to ideaResources:

Mac OS X 10.2 issues addressed in irEdit 1.0.1

irEdit allows for syntax coloring in dual-language documents, such as JSP(Java and HTML) files, while maintaining separate background colors for each language.This allows you to see clearly the organization of complex and sometimes unfamiliar code. As a result, the you can navigate files quickly and effectively.

The 1.0.1 release of irEdit , a source code / general text editor, fixes a problem in Mac OS X 10.2 where the prefernces would lock up when trying to add a file mapping.

Other additions include line numbers along the left hand side of the document window.

You can find more information about irEdit update at the ideaResources Web site. irEdit 1.0.1 is available starting at US$20.00.