iSkin Intros solo, revo4 iPhone 4 Cases

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iSkin announced the immediate availability of its new solo and revo4 cases of the iPhone 4 on Friday. The iSkin solo offers basic protection, and the revo4 offers full body protection for the iPhone 4.

iSkin solo

The iSkin solo is built from a polymer material, includes openings for the iPhone 4’s ports, controls and camera, and is available in black, clear, light blue, purple and pink.

iSkin revo4

The iSkin revo4 protects against impact and moisture, includes headphone jack and Dock port covers, protects the iPhone’s buttons and switches, and includes a hard protective screen cover that allows touches to pass through to the actual screen. It is available in  black/brown, brown/white, pink/black and yellow/black.

The iSkin solo is priced at US$29.99, and the iSkin revo4 costs $39.99.

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greg stuhr

I bought two of the Solo’s and one Revo.  The Solo is not made well, the top touches the power button and often wants to hold the button down on it’s own.  I adjust it and then it does it again.
The Revo is ok but you can’t use the plastic cover with the touch screen like other manufactures.  Having to remove the cover to answer a call is a pain.
Not happy like I was with my Solo FX on the iPhone 3.

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