Israeli TV Show Spoofs Angry Birds

Israeli TV show Eretz Nehederet (A Wonderful Country) has produced one of the most awesome things we have seen on YouTube in some time, a real-life sketch spoofing the wildly popular iPhone and iPad game, Angry Birds (and Angry Birds HD). The sketch features large puppet versions of the Angry Birds and their mortal enemies, Pigs, at a press conference to announce a brokered peace deal.

Clearly borrowing closely from real life politics, the video was also clearly produced by people intimately familiar with the Angry Birds franchise. From appearances, to actions, to the sound effects, it’s what a peace agreement brokered between those two intractable sides (and we’re still talking about Angry Birds and Pigs, mind you) might look like, and it’s marvelously funny.

For those not familiar Angry Birds, it’s a physics/puzzle game with a flock of Angry Birds trying to get their eggs back from the Pigs who stole them. They do so by launching themselves at the Pigs and the places where the Pigs are trying to live or hide, destroying everything in the process.

Just like the pigs in The Thee Little Pigs fairy tale, the Pigs in the game don’t build very well, but it’s still a challenge to use the limited number of Angry Birds one has at one’s disposal to finish each level.

Thanks to AllThingsD for the heads up. Note that the video has some brief profanity in it.