iSuppli Raises iPad Shipments to 12.9 Million Units for 2010

iSuppli has raised its forecast for iPad shipments in calendar 2010 to 12.9 million units, an 81.6% increase from the 7.1 million units the firm had previously forecast. The firm said that the iPad, “is shaping up to be the ‘Tickle Me Elmo’ of the 2010 holiday season,” and that the company’s only constraint to growing sales is its ability to make enough devices to meet demand.

“iSuppli believes that the only limitation on iPad sales now is production — and not demand,” Rhoda Alexander, director of monitor research for iSuppli, said in a statement. “Apple has taken a very controlled approach introducing this product to new markets, with manufacturing limitations likely being the major inhibitor on how quickly iPad sales expand.”

iSuppli said that it believes several aspects of manufacturing have improved, including display yields, and that Apple can meet iSuppli’s new sales forecast in the 19 markets Apple has already announced for 2010 introduction. Looking further out, iSuppli believes Apple will ship 36.5 million iPads in 2011 and 50.4 million in 2012.

iSuppli Chart

Source: iSuppli