ITC Ruling: Apple Not Infringing on Elan Patents

Elan Microelectronics took a kick in the pants thanks to an International Trade Commission ruling that said Apple didn’t infringe on the company’s patents, according to Yahoo News. Elan claimed Apple was using its patented touchscreen technology in the MacBook, iPad and iPhone without proper licensing.

Apple wins in Elan patent hearingITC Judge says Apple didn’t infringe on Elan patents

Elan filed a lawsuit against Apple in 2009 after the two companies failed to reach an agreement over the patents. At the time, the company had high hopes for its lawsuit since it recently won a similar legal battle against Synaptics.

In this case, however, Judge Paul Luckern ruled that Apple wasn’t infringing on Elan’s patents.

The ruling doesn’t mean Elan is dead in the water because the ruling must still be approved by the ITC. The organization is expected to review its Judge’s ruling and approve or reject it by August of this year.

Apple and Elan Microelectonics have not commented on the ruling.