ITC Staff: Nokia Hasn’t Violated Apple Patents

Nokia hasn’t violated Apple’s patent rights, according to staff of the U.S. International Trade Commission, who testified to that effect in a trial between the two companies. Bloomberg reported that the testimony came as part of the staff’s role as advisors in such disputes.

The two companies are in the midst of a patent dispute, with Nokia accusing Apple of violating its cellphone patents with the iPhone, and Apple claiming Nokia has violated some of its patents on touchscreen interfaces.

ITC staff members testifying said that there is no evidence that Nokia has violated Apple’s patents, and that some aspects of the patents Apple is asserting aren’t valid to begin with.

As stated above, the ITC’s statement were made in an advisory capacity, and the facts of the case will be decided by Judge Charles Bullock, who is scheduled to release his findings in February of 2011.

ITC staff also recommended that if the judge does find that Nokia has violated Apple’s patents, that he block the importation of specific Nokia models into the U.S.

Apple vs. Nokia