ITC to Investigate Elan’s Complaint into Apple’s Multi-touch Technology

The U.S. International Trade Commission has decided to investigate a multi-touth related patent infringement complaint against Apple filed by Taiwain’s Elan Microelectronics.

According to Elan, the multi-touch technology Apple uses in the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, MacBook Track Pad and Magic Mouse all infringe on patents it owns and controls.  “Our goal is to protect our technology and to stop sales of those products in the U.S.,” commented Elan spokesperson Dennis Liu.

Elan previously filed a lawsuit against Apple in April 2009 for patent infringement alleging at the time that the iPhone, iPod touch and MacBook all used technologies that are protected by patents it owns. The suit was filed after a two year negotiation process between Apple and Elan that eventually broke down.

The company is hoping to block the import of products it claims infringe on its patents, which in this case include the majority of Apple’s hardware product line.

Apple hasn’t commented on the pending ITC investigation.

[Thanks to Macworld UK for the heads up.]