It’s Like a (Tiny) iMac: HexaPose Stand for Apple iPad

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InnoPocket announced Monday the release of HexaPose Stand for Apple iPad, which is, not surprisingly, an iPad stand. HexaPose is styled in such a way that when your iPad is attached, it will look a lot like a modern iMac, though perhaps on the wee side.

The stand is made of solid aluminum and polycarbonate, and it includes a rotatable pivot for positioning and moving your iPad to either a horizontal or vertical position. The pivot itself has three positions for adjusting your viewing angle.

Features of HexaPose, according to the company:

  • Clip-on, sleek looking table and desktop stand for your iPad
  • Solid and strong aluminum base
  • Precision molded polycarbonate frame to hold the iPad securely
  • Hold iPad in both landscape and portrait orientation
  • Multiple viewing angles for surfing, reading or movie viewing
  • Cutout gives access to iPad’s dock connector for charging and syncing

The stand is priced at US$49.99, and it is available now on InnoPocket’s Web site.

HexaPose Stand for iPad

HexaPose Stand for iPad

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iMac Lite!

Vern Seward

And I shall call him Mini Me…


And I shall call him Mini Me?

LOL. Perfect.


Vern ?

OK, gotta get back to work wink

Bryan Chaffin

Nice, cbsofla! smile


Nice, cbsofla!

Thanks, Bryan. Please come visit me in jail after they nab me for flagrant copyright violations :D

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