iTunes 11.1 Hits the Web with iOS 7, iTunes Radio Support

Apple has been busy rolling out app updates ahead of the release of iOS 7 on Wednesday, and the latest to get some love is iTunes for the Mac and Windows. Version 11.1 is now available, and it includes support for iOS 7 and Apple's new music streaming service iTunes Radio.

Download iTunes 11.1 ahead of upgrading to iOS 7Download iTunes 11.1 ahead of upgrading to iOS 7

The version 11.1 update also adds Genius Shuffle for building dynamic playlists, and Podcast Stations for grouping podcasts together the way you want. iTunes 11.1 is required for syncing and backing up iOS 7 devices outside of iCloud, so be sure to install the update before upgrading your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

iTunes 11.1 is free for the Mac and Windows-based PCs and can be downloaded at the Apple Website. Not everyone is having luck seeing the update. If that's you, we found the direct link to the download for the Mac.