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One of my favorite iTunes shortcuts is listed right under our virtual noses, but I still think many folks don't know about it. The command is within the Controls menu, and it's labeled Go to Current Song.

As you can see, the keyboard shortcut for that is Command-L. So scroll far away from the currently playing song if you wanna, but hit Command-L, and you're back where you started. Hey, no more scrolling through a terabyte of songs looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack!

This works no matter what view you're in. So whether you're sorting by songs, albums, or artists, you should be able to find what you need.

And as with everything on the Mac, there are other ways you can do the same thing. For example, you could go up to the player controls at the top of iTunes' window and click on the arrow next to the song name.

Doing so will give you a pop-up menu, from which you can go to that artist, album, or song in your library.

You can use this from the MiniPlayer, too. Hover over it to see the controls (including the same arrow to access the above "Go to" choices).

If you'd prefer, use the Command-L shortcut instead, and the MiniPlayer will open the main iTunes window and show you the current song. Hey, that's darned useful! You still make me mad sometimes, iTunes, but I like you a little more now.

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Thank GOD !!  Thank, thank you Melissa.  This process used to be so easy in iTunes 10, but with the horrible mess of an (unintuitive) interface iTunes 11 regressed towards, this tip will be a life-saver.

PS. Why do we sometimes have to double click on an item in a search menu listing to be taken to it,  with a single click performing no task, whilst in other menus - including other search menus - it is the opposite ?  Truly and utterly bizarre !!


Also, why is it that iTunes is the only program (that I know of) that has only one set of scroll arrows (at the bottom and none at the top)?

Melissa Holt

You’re welcome, DamenS! Happy to be of service.

Agee, I’m running 10.8, which means I don’t have any scroll arrows at all! I’m not sure why Apple does what they do design-wise, but I used to like using the physical arrow keys to move up and down incrementally anyway. That’s much faster than trying to click on a tiny arrow, I think.

Of course, if you’ve got a gesture-enabled device such as a Magic Trackpad, you can use two fingers to scroll up and down, which is pretty much my favorite thing ever.



I found an exception in iTunes to the use of the player controls in the full interface or the mini-player. If I’m listening to a podcast while moving around the various iTunes sections, the player controls do not give me the option of going back to the podcast. Command-L does work just fine though and is now my go-to method for returning to audio that is currently playing.


I *just* had that problem five minutes ago.
I tried the old method by using the search field. But that is driving me insane these days, I get a million results, including songs, albums, bands, stock prices, the weather… in the old version, I would simply get results from the current play list!
Can you tell us how master this mess which is search in iTunes 1100 (or whatever it is, it must be quite a jump from 10.)

Melissa Holt

Hey, BlackCorvid, that’s interesting! Thanks for the comment.

eolake, I think I’ll be writing a tip on using the search in iTunes at some point soon. Stay tuned. smile


Pashtun Wally

This command/key-pair has been consistent since earliest iTunes.  Nice to see they still keep it around!

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