iTunes: How to Add & Change Album Artwork

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Frustrated with the number of iTunes albums you’ve got that don’t have the proper cover art? Well, as you may know, there is a built-in way to search for missing album art—do that by choosing File> Library> Get Album Artwork.

With this method, iTunes’ll go through your entire library looking for missing album covers; if you only need a couple of items done, you could also right- or Control-click on an album and choose Get Album Artwork instead to save yourself some time.

In either case, you’ll be required to sign in if you’re not already.

That’s great and all, but what do you do with the albums that iTunes can’t find artwork for? It’s safe to say that this ain’t pretty:

And neither is this, which is what iTunes thought this album cover should look like. Eeek!

At least I get to make a Hulk joke here, right? KARAOKE SMASH! Right?! Guys? …Sigh.

Anyway, let’s go find some proper art, shall we? What you'll need to do is search the Web for the album, and then once you've found the correct cover image, right- or Control-click on the picture and pick Copy Image from the contextual menu.

Then open iTunes and find the album that you’d like to add the image to. Right- or Control-click on the album and choose Get Info

…and click “Yes” on the dialog box to confirm that you want to edit multiple items.

Afterward, you’ll make sure you’re on the “Info” tab (or on the "Artwork" tab if you're only adding the cover image for one song), and you should see a box in the lower-right corner labeled “Artwork.”

Select that box to highlight it:

Then press Command-V to paste in your copied artwork.

When that’s done, click OK to confirm your changes, and all should be right with the world. Well, with the world of that particular album’s art, anyway. Doesn't this look much, much better?

Inasmuch as one can really call those hairstyles "better," I guess. Hey, don't judge me for my musical tastes, or I'll force you to listen to me singing "Muskrat Love." Then you'll be really sorry.

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Lee Dronick

Often the music is great, but the album cover art is horrid, my opinions of course. Anyway I often create my own cover art in a graphic editor using photos I have taken and such.

It used be quite easy to assign art to a particular track, but with the latest version iTunes wants to assign the graphic to entire album. I haven’t wrestled with it for a while, I should move the project back to a front burner.


I had recorded a few voice recordings on an iPod and I have tried the method described here, but iTunes will just NOT accept the art work - Any workaround for voice recordings/memos ?

Lee Dronick

Jvora, what format are the recordings?

Melissa Holt

Hey Lee,

As far as I can tell, you can set album art for a particular track using the Songs view, but your image selection won’t show up in Album or Artist view if it’s not used on the majority of the album’s tracks (unless the other tracks don’t have any art at all assigned). Weird system. If you can find out anything otherwise, let me know!

And jvora, I suspect that your problem has to do with your voice memos not having an album title. To give them one, select them all, right-click on your selection and pick Get Info, and then under the Info tab, give them an album name. Then you should be able to add artwork to your new “album” and have it show up.

Hope that helps!

Lee Dronick

Melissa, from what I understand the artwork used to be stored in the music file. However, that meant that image would be in all of the album’s tracks, it took up disk space. Under that set-up I was able to give each track its own art, an image that reflected the mode of the song. Now understand that I rarely buy an entire album, just a few tracks.

These days there is one image for the album and the tracks point to it. I think what I will have to do is put the tracks into their own album.

That is my understanding, but I may be incorrect.

Melissa Holt

That’s interesting info, Lee! Thank you. smile

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