iTunes 9: Enabling Genius Mixes

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Apple's iTunes 9 includes several new features, and Genius Mixes is one that is grabbing lots of attention. The problem is that many users can't find the option, so it's a good thing that enabling it takes little more than a mouse click or two.

Genius Mixes is a set of 12 auto-generated mixes from the songs in your iTunes library. The tracks in each mix all play well together, and once you start a mix it can run forever, kind of like your own digital DJ that never sleeps.

Update Genius enables the Genius Mixes feature

If you don't see Genius Mixes in iTunes' Library list choose Store > Update Genius. iTunes will gather new Genius information for your Library from the iTunes Store, and automatically add the Genius Mixes option to the Library list for you.

Genius Mixes shows your 12 pre-made mixes

Once iTunes finishes building your mixes, just select Genius Mixes from the Library list and click on the mix you want to play. Rolling your mouse pointer over a mix tells you what type of music it holds, so it's easy to get an idea of what you are about to listen to.

Genius Mixes is a great new addition to iTunes, and will likely come in handy at plenty of parties -- or for writing all night.



Genius Mixes is an amazing feature. It does what I’ve tried to do for a long time: to create mixes of music with a similar feel but not necessarily of the same Genre.

I activated Genious Mixes and gave it a hard test. I asked it to create a mix based on Koyaanisqatsi by Philip Glass. It came back with a perfect mix including Carmina Burana: O, Fortuna, Oh Superman by Laurie Anderson, a couple of Bach Fugues and others. Perfect.

Jeff Yablon

Really? Because as far as I can see Genius Mixes is totally outside the user’s control. It’s more like “longer Genius lists that we decided you’d like”.

Perhaps you made a regular Genius List?

I’m intrigued to see if my 12 “stations” change over time . . . but then again, there’s SOOOO no information being offered that I suspect I’ll never know.

Wow. It IS like a radio station!

Jeff Yablon
President & CEO

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WOHOOO! “Automatically fill free space with songs” OPTION!! :D

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