iTunes Icons that Never Were

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Love it or hate it, Apple’s iTunes icon is easily recognized. That familiar note in a circle design, however, could have been something entirely different had Apple gone with one of the ideas cooked up by designer Felix Sockwell.

Sockwell iTunes concepts

Mr. Sockwell had been contracted in 2004 to create some alternate iTunes icon ideas. None of the concepts he created were ultimately used, although he did have some interesting ideas.

“Looking back, all the ideas missed the mark. iTunes never needed a sales pitch or promise or proprietary device,” he said on his blog. “They just needed note in a circle. Boom. Done.”

Sockwell iTunes icon concepts

Check out his blog for more of his iTunes icon concept sketches.

[Thanks to Cult of Mac for the heads up.]

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Thanks for posting this. As a designer I love seeing this kind of insight into the design process. Nice to see that we’re still scribbling our ideas on paper too. It’s still the best way to rough out ideas.


“It sounds and works a-ok”? “The music is the power.. take control!”? smile

Either this guy deals very little with marketing, or REALLY does not understand Apple’s brand.

My mindset for something like an application icon is not so freeform, I guess… conceptually I’d want it to register at 16 pixels, which means paring it down to its most fundamental form. That, and I have a tendancy to work something out in my head before I commit thumbnail sketches to paper.

I don’t want to sound like I’m totally knocking the guy; it’s always interesting to see other designers’ approaches and he did have some interesting icon concepts in there. Pretty cool.


I like his idea on page 3. top left.

And if Nokia needs to ask a graphic designer for info on how Apple “works” then they really are in a pile of DooDoo up to their ears….

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