iVideoCamera Allows Original iPhone & iPhone 3G Users to Record Video

iVideoCameraLaan Labs announced this week the release of an iPhone app called iVideoCamera that allows iPhone and iPhone 3G users to record video images from their iPhone's still camera. The app also allows users to share directly to FaceBook, YouTube, and Vimeo (Twitter support is planned, as well).

The frame rate for captures is only three frames per second, but this is the first app that Apple has approved that allows users to capture video on the first two models of iPhone at all. In addition, videos are limited to one minute in length and resolution for the capture is only 160 x 213.

On the iVideoCamera Web page, Laan Labs said, "Apple is definitely opening up what we can do with video capture (i.e. UStream and Knocking Video) so we expect to improve the frame rate and length of iVideoCamera in the next update."

The app is $0.99 and requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.