Ivy Bridge iMac Refresh Rumored for June/July

iMac Ivy Bridge Upgrade

The long-awaited refresh to Apple’s iMac line may finally be coming this summer, with a rumored June or July launch date, according to “reliable sources” speaking with tech site How To Arena Wednesday.

The update, the first since May 2011, is expected to bring Intel’s Ivy Bridge chipset to Cupertino’s all-in-one desktop. The 22nm-based Core i5 and i7 Ivy Bridge platform should provide a 5 to 15 percent bump in processing power and significantly increased graphics performance via the integrated Intel HD GPU. As most iMacs include discrete GPUs, however, the latter improvement to the platform will be unnoticed by most users.

Where users will see a major benefit from integrated graphics performance is on Apple’s MacBook Pro line of portable computers, which are also scheduled to receive Ivy Bridge upgrades soon, with some rumors pointing to a release as early as the end of April. 

While there are hints that the next MacBook Pro will have a new form factor, one that perhaps merges it with the MacBook Air line, there are thus far no indications that the iMac will receive a redesign outside of the internal component upgrades. One possible minor change to the iMac may be the addition of an anti-glare screen option, although such a change would not necessitate a significant redesign of the system’s chassis.