iWork for iCloud gets New Collaboration Tools

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Apple's iCloud versions of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote gained some new collaboration features on Thursday. The iCloud versions of the iWork apps run in Web browsers so users can make and edit documents without needing the native Mac, iPhone, or iPad versions of the apps.

iWork for iCloud gets more collaboration featuresiWork for iCloud gets more collaboration features

The new versions of the Web-based apps now include a list showing who is currently in a document, unique cursors and selector colors for each collaborator, the ability to see objects move as other collaborators reposition them, support for printing from within the app interfaces, and folders for organizing documents. The iCloud version of Numbers also gained support reordering sheets and adding hyperlinks.

You can try out the Web-based versions of the iWork apps by logging in to your free iCloud account.

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In order to share, for example, a Pages document between devices do you HAVE to create it in the cloud based version of Pages? I have pages on my Mac and on my iPad and I’d like to be able to edit the same document from either system. Ideally I’d like to just create it locally and not on iCloud when I’m not online and then have it synch when I connect. I can do this with Notes, create a note from my iPad or iPod and then pick it up on my Mac. Can I do this with iWork apps?

Lee Dronick

Geoduck. I don’t that it matters where it is created. I can create a Pages document on my Mac or iPad, iPhone too, and it shows up in iCloud. The only problem I have encountered thus far is that if I use I font that is not on one of the other devices then there is a substitution.


Is there a setting somewhere? I’ve created a few Pages documents and saved them. Of course they go into my documents folder or my desktop. I don’t see an obvious way of saving them to iCloud.


I believe the documents must be in the cloud to share in the way you want. Also, the newest version of iWork should be feature compatible between OSX, iOS and iCloud. There is a loss of some features however. There have been articles on this site and others warning about opening a file with the latest version that was created with a previous version of iWorks.

Lee Dronick

When I go to save a new Pages document, created on my Mac, the dialog box gives me the option of saving locally or on iCloud.

Allister Jenks

Lee you can fix your font problems: http://macthoughts.net/20131103-363

Lee Dronick

Thanks Allister!

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