iWork for iCloud gets Persistent Settings

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Apple added more features to the beta versions of iWork for iCloud on Tuesday, including the ability to remember your last used settings in Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. The iPhone and iPad maker has been working to improve the online versions of the apps as it gets closer to offering feature parity with its Mac and iOS versions.

Apple rolls out new updates for iWork for iCloud betaApple rolls out new updates for iWork for iCloud beta

The saved settings options iWork for iCloud now supports includes zoom level, and showing or hiding guides and the format panel. The update also now suggests your most recent screen name when sharing documents, added the ability to right-click to enable image masks, and offers keyboard shortcut tips for cut, copy and paste.

iCloud is free with 5 GB storage. Apple is launching iCloud Drive this fall with 5 GB storage for free, 20 GB for US$0.99 a month, and 200 GB for $3.99 a month.



These persistent settings will be needed for their “Continuity” features of the next generation OS. Very simple to implement by saving documents and these settings to iCloud, it won’t matter where a person opens the document, it’ll always open to exactly where they left off. As we get closer to the release of the new operating systems, we’ll see more and more settings related to persistence in all the apps of the iCloud suite.


Speech now works too!  It is great for reviewing one’s writing.

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