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If you use your iPad for work, there’s a good chance you’re interested in using Keynote, Pages or Numbers, too. The Mac Observer took the time to check out all three so you’ll know what to expect before spending your hard earned cash.

Keynote The Keynote app for the iPad is a necessary addition to the suite of apps for most users. Even if one is not often preparing formal presentations, it’s a great way to collect and manage information from the photo library — or view already created content in, say, PowerPoint (.PPT, .PPTX, .PPS, .PPSX) It doesn’t have the power of its big brother on the Mac, but it doesn’t need to. It is supremely sufficient. Full review.

Pages Apple’s iPad is a great device for watching movies and TV shows, listening to music and playing games; and thanks to apps like Pages, it works great as a content creation device, too. Pages for the iPad is a slimmed down version of Apple’s word processor and page layout application, and it works surprisingly well for on-the-go document creation and editing. Full review.

Numbers With Numbers for the iPad, Apple’s multimedia tablet is more than just a movie and music jukebox; It’s also a full-on number cruncher. It doesn’t offer as many features as its cousin on the Mac, but it’s perfectly suited for spreadsheet work when carting around a laptop is more hassle than it’s worth. Full review.

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Only issue with these apps (and hopefully Apple will fix it) is the horrible RTL support. not as bad as Microsoft though wink


I imported, via the import process in iTunes apps, a Pages document that I created in the desktop version of Pages to Pages for iPad and every other page was blank. Not because it added a page but because in the transfer process, Pages didn’t pick up the odd pages.

When I imported the same document via Air Sharing - it all showed up as a Pages document - all in place and usable.

I bought the iPad specifically to see if my company could use them in meetings and in the lab. I am not so sure - yet. I am seriously disappointed with the “dumbing down” of files by the Apple apps. Yes, I have read all of the reasons - and yet, I am using more powerful processor in this “device” than what flew man to the moon and back - several times.

Maybe, I just expect too much. I do believe that our (the collective we) level of expectations increases at an exponential rate with new iteration of CPU development and new gadget we buy).

Cheers from Downunder


Until these apps support a way of saving docs directly into the various file-system apps (iDisk, drop box, air sharing, goodreader, etc.) w/o having to do the email workaround, I’ll be muttering under my breath!


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