iWork Update Adds ePub Support

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Apple released iWork 9.0.4 for Mac OS X on Thursday, and while the version number may make it seem like the update includes little more than minor bug fixes, it also added ePub export support to Pages. ePub is the electronic book format iBookstore uses for titles for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch iBooks app.

Since some document formatting can be lost during export to the ePub format, Apple released a sample template document for creating files, and also posted a knowledge base article detailing how to successfully export a document to the ePub format.

The update also fixed an issue with tables in Numbers spreadsheets and Pages documents, and addressed several issues in Keynote including a problem with the slide switcher, printing handouts with rule lines, image resizing issues, and also fixed an issue with tables in slides.

iWork is priced at US$79, and the update is free for iWork 9.x users.

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If each book is not free, does it mean it?s DRM Protected, and will be accessible only to the person who purchased it, on his or her Desktop, iPhone and iPad, i.e. One Copy per One iTunes Account, regardless of he device, as long as the number of devices is not more than iTunes Store allows for Sharing (5-6?)

This could be a huge thing, like YouTube, CD Baby for books!


I’m not impresses with the epub support Pages now provides. It’s incomplete and error ridden. Even Apple’s sample document doesn’t export without errors and doesn’t look like it does in Pages. Sigil epub maker is the best I have found so far.

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