jTalk To Be Released This April

Imacination will be shipping a new Web development app this April. jTalk is a JSP custom tag library for Web site design and database management. The app features a Model-View-Controller architecture and a Web-based Database Manager. According to Imacination:

Imacination Software, publishers of acclaimed Ch-Ching! Instant E-commerce software, today announced the impending release and availability of their Web application development software, jTalk, demonstrating the technology at Sun Microsystems Java Developer Conference, JavaOne.

jTalk is a JSP custom tag library that enables users to quickly develop and build web applications. jTalk provides an easy to use, HTML-like, XML syntax that leverages the power of any Java Application Server by providing math and string functions, logic and expression parsing, database and e-mail integration, as well as server control.

jTalk answers the challenges developers and designers are faced with when building dynamic web applications, without requiring extensive knowledge of Java or any other Web development language.

You can find more information about the jTalk release at the Imacination Web site. jTalk is available for US$999.00 until the final release in April.