JAMF Software Releases Casper Suite 7 for System Administrators

JAMF Software announced the launch of the Casper Suite Version 7 on Thursday. The Casper Suite provides system administrators with one centralized framework to inventory, image, update and maintain Macintosh computers.

There are seven major new features, and enhancements to version 7 of the Casper Suite:

  • Usage Management Tracking - Casper Suite 7 allows the tracking of an application's use on a per-machine basis.
  • Licensed Software Templates - The Casper Suite has always allowed IT departments to track the number of software copies deployed against the number that are owned.
  • iPhone Inventory & Configuration Profile Deployment - Casper Suite 7 delivers significantly enhanced iPhone support.
  • Drive Partitioning and Boot Camp Support when Imaging - The Casper Suite is now able to partition drives at image time and includes support for Boot Camp or to restore partitions.
  • Easy Adobe CS4 Deployment and Upgrades - Casper Suite 7 uses native Adobe installers for Adobe CS4 products and updates to ensure simple and easy installation.
  • Improved Directory Binding Support - With the Casper Suite, administrators can automatically set up and store binding policies.
  • Manage and enforce specific preferences - Administrators can enforce specific preferences at each login.

Casper Suite 7 is available from JAMF Software with pricing based on number of needed licenses.