Japan Court Shoots Down Apple in Samsung Patent Fight

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Apple's patent win in against Mirror Worlds in the U.S. this week was followed by a loss against Samsung in Japan. The country's Intellectual High Property Court chose to uphold a lower court's ruling that Samsung didn't infringe on Apple's media sync patents.

Japan Court says Samsung isn't infringing on Apple's media sync patentsJapan Court says Samsung isn't infringing on Apple's media sync patents

Apple accused Samsung of infringing on its media sync patents with the system the Android device maker was using to transfer songs onto its smartphones and tablets -- a claim Samsung denied and ultimately the court agreed with. Apple claimed Samsung's media syncing system used patented techniques such as checking the length of songs or videos to identify items to sync, while Samsung said its system relies on file name and size instead.

After the Japanese court ruled in favor of Samsung, Apple filed an appeal in hopes winning a reversal, but as of now that isn't happening, according to Bloomberg.

While Japan's refusal to over turn the infringement ruling is a setback for Apple, it isn't a devastating blow. Apple still has several major victories under its belt in the ongoing patent infringement fight with Samsung, and has won far more than it has lost in this multi-country battle.

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Try as it might, Apple can't win every patent case it has with Samsung. Losing its media sync fight has to hurt, but the interface patent wins Apple has racked up are probably worth more in the long run.

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