Japan Court Shoots Down Samsung's Anti-iPhone Case

The Tokyo District Court in Japan ruled on Thursday that Samsung doesn't have control over technology used in the iPhone for data transmission, effectively killing the company's fight to use that argument as a tool to gain an injunction blocking the sale of Apple's smartphone products.

Japan Court says Samsung doesn't control data transmission patentsJapan Court says Samsung doesn't control data transmission patents

Samsung argued its patents cover the technology, and that Apple was using it in the iPhone line without licensing in the 2011 case. Apple shot back with a lawsuit alleging didn't actually have patents for the data transmission tech, and as such couldn't claim any damages -- and ultimately the Japan court agreed with Apple, according to The Times of India.

The two companies have been locked in a legal patent infringement battle for years in courts around the world. Last year, Apple was handed a high profile win in the United States when a Federal Jury ruled that Samsung was infringing on a long list of Apple design-related patents, and awarded the company over US$1 billion in damages.

In an earlier patent case in Japan, a court ruled that Samsung didn't infringe on Apple's media synchronization patent, which the Cupertino-based company later appealed. Samsung is now hoping to convince the court to dismiss that appeal.

For now, Samsung will have to look elsewhere for a tactic to block iPhone sales in Japan, and no doubt is already looking at its legal options. Apple has not commented on the case.