Jawbone Intros THOUGHTS Audio Messaging App for iPhone

| Product News

Jawbone announced the immediate availability of its new Jawbone THOUGHTS app for the iPhone on Thursday. The app lets users record audio messages and send them to Address Book contacts.

Jawbone THOUGHTS for the iPhone

THOUGHTS messages can be up to a minute long, can be sent to single contacts or contact groups, and works with the iPhone’s built-in mic or any iPhone-compatible headset.

Jawbone THOUGHTS is available for free at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.

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Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

As I just bought an Icon and absolutely love it, I was mildly disappointed to get the email today extolling their new iPhone app with not a mention of nor any love for Android. And then I realized that the functionality is built into Google Voice Search and that I use “note to self” 20 times a day with my Icon.

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