Jeff Gamet Discusses Assisted Computing on TUAW Talkcast

Jeff Gamet discusses iOS accessibility on the TUAW TalkcastJeff Gamet, The Mac Observer's Managing Editor, joined TUAW's Talkcast Sunday night to dive into the state of assisted computing on the Mac, iPhone and iPad. If you missed the live show, you aren't out of luck because it was recorded and is available online now.

Along with host Kelly Guimont and Jeff, the show panel also included Doc Rock, Ben Roethig, and Robert and Alison from the Tech Doctor Podcast, the crew discussed what's currently available in iOS and OS X for the visually impaired, how those features help everyone, what new accessability features they're hoping for, and Amazon's recent Kindle app that finally makes their ebooks truly accessible.

The TUAW Talkcast airs live Sunday nights at 10PM eastern time, and you each show's recording is available at Apple's iTunes Store.