Jeff Gamet Dives into Future Macs on The Mac Show

Jeff Gamet talks about new Macs & Thunderbolt on The Mac ShowJeff Gamet, The Mac Observer's Managing Editor, joined the team at The Mac Show to talk about what may be in store for future iMacs, as well as Intel's upcoming changes to the Thunderbolt standard.

Along with Ewen Rankin, Kelly Guimont, Gazmaz, and Dr. Happy Mac, the group took a look at rumored Wi-Fi upgrades for the next iMac model, what impact second generation Thunderbolt will have on the peripheral market, whether or not Apple is working on a laptop/tablet hybrid, rumors of an Apple streaming music service, Ron Johnson's life after JC Penney, and more.

The Mac Show airs live on Fridays at 3:30PM London time, or 11:30AM Eastern time. Show recordings are available at the British Tech Network website and Apple's iTunes Store.