Jeff Gamet Hops into New Podcast: The Comic Show

Jeff Gamet on The Comic ShowMacs, iPhones, and tech aren't the only topics TMO's Jeff Gamet can talk about, and he's proving that point by teaming up with the British Tech Network on a new podcast dedicated to the world of comic books. In the first episode, the crew dives into favorite artists, writers and characters, and offer up their thoughts on movie adaptations, too.

The Comic Show is hosted by Doctor Happy Mac, and along with Jeff also includes Kelly Guimont and Paul Kercal. All four are lifelong comic book fans and aren't afraid to share exactly how they feel about artists, writers, story lines, and publishers -- and you don't have to be a comic expert to enjoy the show.

The Comic Show is about an hour long, and runs weekly. It's available in MP3 format at the British Tech Network website.