Jeff Gamet Lets His Potty Mouth Roam Free on Angry Mac Bastards

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Jeff Gamet—known for his pleasant demeanor, professional decorum, and general all-around politeness—decided to toss all that out the window and appear on episode 227 of the Angry Mac Bastards podcast. He, along with hosts John C. Welch and Kelly Guimont talk about Apple in the enterprise, galaxy Gear, android security, Tim Cook, and the HP Chromebook.

Mostly, however, Jeff Gamet just throws around a bunch of F-bombs, because that's what you do on the AMB podcast. It ain't family friendly, but it's a good time.

Jeff Gamet

Jeff Gamet

Speech bubble courtesy of Shutterstock.

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John C. Welch


Indeed. And he has the new mid-intro music blurb, because he’s just that funny.

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