Jeff Gamet Shares Coffee Shop Experiences at Ignite Denver Feb 20

Jeff Gamet shares Fresh Brewed Tales experiences at Ignite DenverThe Mac Observer's Managing Editor Jeff Gamet will be venturing outside the world of technology to speak at Ignite Denver 16 on Thursday. He will be sharing his experiences watching people do the things they do in coffee shops and sharing the life lessons we can learn from them.

Ignite is an event where several people are selected by popular vote to talk on whatever topic they like, but with some strict limitations that add a little adventure. Presentations are five minutes long, include 20 slides that auto advance every 15 seconds, and don't come with a do-over option should something go wrong once the clock is ticking.

Jeff's coffee shop experiences presentation comes from some of the events he's chronicled on his Fresh Brewed Tales blog, and for anyone that's seen his previous Ignite Denver appearance, you'll get to see more of his drawings.

Other presentations at Ignite Denver 16 include the art of storytelling, how to dig yourself out of bad life experiences, how to make running fun, why orgasms are so important, and more.

Ignite Denver starts at 7PM mountain time on Thursday, February 20. The event will be held at the Oriental Theater at 4335  W 44th Av in Denver. Tickets are priced at US$10 and are available through the Ignite Denver website.