Jeff Gamet Talks Adobe Creative Cloud at CoMUG

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Jeff Gamet, The Mac Observer's Managing Editor, will be speaking at the Colorado Macintosh User Group meeting on Thursday, May 9, in Boulder, Colorado. Jeff will be sharing his thoughts on Adobe's recent switch to just Creative Cloud for its apps and what that means for designers and the general software licensing world.

Jeff Gamet talks Adobe at CoMUGJeff will be joining design industry luminaries Jay Nelson from Design Tools Monthly and Photoshop Missing Manual author Lesa Snider, so you'll get plenty of perspective on Adobe's changes.

The user group meeting starts at 7PM and will be held at the NCAR Mesa Lab facility at 1850 Table Mesa Drive. Directions to the meeting, along with a full line up of the evening's presentations, are available at the CoMUG website.

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John Dingler, artist

In the classic Socialism model, money flows from the controlling entity downward to the worker disregarding the worker’s level of productivity.

In Adobe’s Socialism, the model is reversed. Money flows from the worker upward to the controlling entity disregarding the entity’s level of competency.

This could conceivably mean that Adobe’s parasitic Socialism sucks your blood, and on a steady basis, no matter if its products and services deliver only marginal, clearly inferior, or even zero benefits.

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