Jeff Gamet Talks Apple Taxes on The Mac Show

Jeff Gamet talks Apple taxes on The Mac ShowJeff Gamet, The Mac Observer's Managing Editor, joined the team at The Mac Show to talk about Apple's tax payment practices and the U.S. Senate hearing where CEO Tim Cook will be testifying.

Along with Ewen Rankin, Kelly Guimont, Paul Wheatley, and Dr Happy Mac, the group discussed Apple's decision to issue bonds to raise money for its stock buyback program instead of bringing money into the Unites States, the 50 billionth download from the iOS App Store, Siri's new attitude, BlackBerry Messenger coming to the iPhone, and more.

The Mac Show airs live on Fridays at 3:30PM London time, or 11:30AM Eastern time. Show recordings are available at the British Tech Network website and Apple's iTunes Store.