Jeff Gamet, Chuck La Tournous Discuss AT&T Data Plans on MacJury

The Mac Observer’s Jeff Gamet and Chuck La Tournous joined MacJury host Chuck Joiner and several other guests to talk about AT&T’s recent change that does away with unlimited data plans for the iPhone and iPad.

The podcast panel also included Pat Fauquet from MacMouseCalls and Dr. Mac Consulting, developer and UI and us host Keith Lang, and Michael Johnston from We Have Communicators.

The panel discussed their initial, sometimes angry, reactions to the changes, then settle down to examine their own usage rates and how they compare to the new plans, the announcement that AT&T will finally offer iPhone tethering, and whether the pricing is a deterrent, revealing AT&T’s fears over network capacity. The group also discussed industry trends in relation to the announcements, the desirability of an unlimited plan, jailbreak options, how all this compares on an international basis, and more.

MacJury #1011 is available as a free download in MP3 format at the MacJury Web site.