Jeff Gamet Digs into Doctor Who on SciFi Teck Talk

SciFi Tech TalkThe Mac Observer’s Jeff Gamet switched out his Managing Editor cap over the weekend for his sci-fi fan hat and joined the SciFi Tech Talk podcast to talk about the popular BBC series “Doctor Who.”

Jeff joined Julie Kuehl, who also happens to write for TMO, to talk about some of the technology in Doctor Who such as the TARDIS, sonic screwdrivers,  and Time Lord regeneration. They also compared some of the philosophies of Doctor Who to Star Trek, talked about scifi weapons, and more.

This isn’t the typical podcast topic for Jeff, but did give him the chance to talk about something that isn’t Apple-specific. Of course, he did use his MacBook Pro during the podcast — and he has a sonic screwdriver on his desk.

The SciFi Tech Talk podcast is available at the SciFI Teck Talk website, and at Apple’s iTunes Store.