Jeff Gamet Discusses Jailbreaking, Security on IMP

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International Mac PodcastThe Mac Observer’s Jeff Gamet joined the International Mac Podcast team recently to talk about JailbreakMe for the iPhone along with the PDF-based security flaw the jailbreak hack exploits.

Along with Stu Helm, Paul Shadwell, Connor P, Tim Chaten and Kelly Guimont the podcast also a Mac-based art project that got one artist into hot water, Apple’s percentage of the smartphone market, patent lawsuits, public reactions to HP’s TouchPad, and more.

The International Mac Podcast is available at Apple’s iTunes Store and at the IMP Web site.

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Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Oh Jeff… Blame it on Adobe. Wow, Display PostScript anyone?

If this were Adobe’s problem, it would be fixed by now. It has been over a week since this vulnerability appeared.

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