Jeff Gamet Dives into iPad Art, Siri on The Tech Lounge

The Mac Observer’s Jeff Gamet joined in on The Tech Lounge to talk about drawing on the iPad, Apple’s new Siri voice recognition technology, and more.

The Tech Lounge

Along with Mark Dalton, Paul Shadwell, Jon Pratchett and Emma Hay, the laid back video podcast looked at Jeff’s observation skills in Starbucks and how that becomes iPad-based art, voice recognition technologies like Siri and Dragon Express, problems with iOS-based public transportation apps, and the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Bonus topics: Jafa Cakes and Trampoline wrestling. Really.

The Tech Lounge is a live video podcast that airs on Mondays at 8:30PM London time, but is also recorded and available online at the iTunes Store and at The Tech Lounge website.