Jeff Gamet Talks About Anti-Apple Sentiments on MacJury

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The Mac Observer's Jeff Gamet joined MacJury host Chuck Joiner and Macworld's Peter Cohen to discuss the media's new found love for tagging Apple as monopolistic and anticompetitive.

The panel analyzed a recent blog post by WebLogs founder Jason Calicanis calling Apple to task over their business practices. The discussed allegations of MP3 player anti-competition, monopolistic practices, "draconian" App Store policies, hypocrisy, and the Google Voice App rejection, along with what Mr. Calcanis got wrong and what he got right. Since Chuck put together a group that's know for straying off topic, Jeff and Peter also took a detour to discuss App Store policies, Apple's relationship with AT&T, developer product marketing, iPhone app pricing, and more.

MacJury episode 911 is available as a free download at the MacJury Web site.


Ian Robertson

Jason Calicanis is a tool, how is he still around?

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Jason Calicanis is absolutely right on issues #3, #4, and #5. Transparency will not solve the App Store problem. The iPhones and iPod Touches do not belong to Apple. They belong to the users. Apple solves this problem by not making the App Store the choke point in legitimate installation of applications on these devices.

Peter made a point that developers don’t have real plans and therefore have no right to criticize Apple for App Store censoring. Jeff agreed. “They don’t have any business plan.” Horse pucky, dudes. There are plenty of developers who have the engineering skills to pull off great apps, and have also been successful handling sales and marketing. If I told you my plan was to sell one copy at a time to people who need my app, you’d both lump me in with this mythical clueless developer. Yet, that’s what I’ve done for 20 years and I ain’t starving.

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