Jeff Gamet Talks iPhone Antennas on IMP

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The Mac Observer’s Jeff Gamet joined the International Mac Podcast team to talk about the iPhone 4’s antennas, Apple’s press conference, iPhone cases and anechoic chambers.

Along with Bart Busschots, Oliver Haslam and Cliff Ravenscraft, the podcast also discussed Apple’s purchase of Poly9, Time Capsule issues, Skype, Apple lawsuits, iOS updates, and more. Like the last time Jeff was a guest on the show, he found a remote mountain location to record from — although this time it was in Colorado instead of Italy.

The International Mac Podcast is available at Apple’s iTunes Store and at the IMP Web site.

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Apple could have solved Antenna-Gate in 5 minutes:  ‘We don’t hire any left-handed people as they don’t meet our high quality standards and could tarnish the customer experience we try to mold.’


Thanks for joining us this week Jeff, another fun episode.  We’ll have to get you back when you’re somewhere a little more comfortable! smile

@Ion_Quest wink

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