Jeff Gamet Talks Spacecraft on SciFi Tech Talk

To the stars!The Mac Observer’s Jeff Gamet put his tech knowledge to work on the SciFi Tech Talk podcast to talk about the space ships from several science fiction movies and TV shows, along with some of the technology that could be used to make them fly.

Jeff joined Julie Kuehl, who also happens to write for TMO, and Jeff Syer to talk about scifi ships used for more local space travel like Star Trek’s shuttlecraft and Firefly’s Serenity. They also talked about other transports like Luke Skywalker’s land speeder, Ring World transportation options, and managed to steer clear of Star Trek’s transporter.

Macs were used during the recording and production of the podcast, so there is at least a small Apple tie-in, but more importantly: Jeff got to nerd out with his scifi knowledge.

The SciFi Tech Talk podcast is available at the SciFi Teck Talk website, and at Apple’s iTunes Store.