Jeff’s Amazingly Long MCE 2009 iPhone App List

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I spent some time at the Mac Computer Expo on Saturday, October 3, talking about a slew of apps that let you do more with your iPhone and iPod touch. If you were there and couldn't write fast enough to keep up with me, or you weren't and want to know what you missed out on, here's the list of apps I mentioned.




Jeff's iPhone Home Screen

Remote File Access






Social Networking

Of course, this isn't a comprehensive list of App Store offerings, but it should be a comprehensive list of the apps I discussed during my presentation. If you were there and see that I missed something, let me know and I'll add it to the list. If you have other favorite applications you want to point out, please do. That's what the article comments are for.

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Jeff Gamet

The links to the App Store apparently broke somewhere along the way, but everything should be working right now. Sorry about that, gang.

Vi Smith

you left out Delicious Library (which I immediately downloaded when I got home). 

I arrange my applications by type   (internet wi-fi needed) (games) (music and the arts) (utility) (info.).... and I have a loaded 11dot iPod Touch… does “loaded” use up battery even when it’s off?

I like TanZen, solitaire, kaleidoscope, amazon Kindle, Awesome Note…as well as ones you mentioned.  Thanks for the presentation.  iPod touch is great!

Jeff Gamet

you left out Delicious Library (which I immediately downloaded when I got home).

You’re right, I did forget to mention Delicious Library. I love the Mac app, and I’m one of the lucky few that managed to get the iPhone app before it had to be pulled from the App Store. It’s too bad that Amazon’s API licensing terms are preventing so many DL users from getting their hands on that great app.


Fandango is really an excellent app.

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