JFK Airport Theft Nets $1.5M in iPad minis

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3,600 iPad minis, worth US$1.5 million, were stolen from JFK Airport in New York in what appears to be an inside job. The theft happened on Monday, and the suspects likely would've made off with even more iPad minis had they not been spotted by a airport employee.

3,600 iPad minis stolen in airport heist3,600 iPad minis stolen in airport heist

Two suspects used an airport forklift to load two pallets loaded with iPad minis into a white tractor trailer with "CEVA" on the side, according to the New York Post, but took off leaving three more palettes behind when they were confronted by an airport employee.

The stolen iPads were being shipped by Apple through Cargo Airport Services and were enroute to several locations in the U.S. -- most likely retail stores. There isn't any word on which mini models were taken in the theft.

Unnamed sources are speculating that airport employees let the truck in, and three have already been given polygraph tests as part of the police investigation. So far, all of the suspects are still at large.

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Last summer I ran across this story about JFK
Seems this guy on a JetSki broke down. He paddled to shore, as it turned out on the edge of the airport. He then walked past the multi million dollar security system, past runways and aircraft, all the way into the terminal before anyone asked him what he was doing.

JFK and Security should not be used in the same sentence.

Paul Goodwin

Hahaha. geo

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