Jim Tanous Launches Tech News & Tip Site ‘TekRevue’

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TMO veteran Jim Tanous has launched a new site called TekRevue, a broad tech news and tip site. Jim will be looking at OS X, Windows, mobile platforms of all sorts, games, gadgets, and hardware, with reviews and tips, too.

Jim Tanous's TekRevue

Jim Tanous's TekRevue

It's with a mixture of joy and sadness that I announce this. We're super happy for Jim and his new venture, but we're sad that he won't have time to contribute much to The Mac Observer. Jim is one of the most talented and knowledgable writers in technology today, due in part to being insanely smart, a massive geek, and a former Apple Store Genius.

Jim has been working on TekRevue for several months, and we are pleased to announce that it's open and ready for business. If you're reading this now, you've probably enjoyed some of Jim's excellent articles at TMO. You can count on more great content at TekRevue.

We wish Jim great success with the new project and encourage you to check it out.

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Chuck La Tournous

The site looks great, Jim! Congratulations on the launch and much success!


Congratulations, Jim.

I’ve bookmarked your site, and will try to add it to reading list.

Best of luck with your new venture.

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