Jimmy D Goes Large, Launches The Loop for Apple News & Opinion

Our friend Jim Dalrymple, formerly of Macworld magazine, officially announced Wednesday the Mac Web's worst-kept secret, his new magazine called The Loop. Launched under the business name of LoopInsight.com, Jim Dalrymple is bringing his...many...years of writing for first MacCentral, and then Macworld, under his own shingle.

"I'm absolutely thrilled to launch The Loop and provide news and editorial coverage as seen from a more reader-friendly set of eyes," Jimmy D said in a statement. "The Loop isn't about just covering news and product launches; it's also about providing a holistic approach to technology so the reader gets the most practical, useful, and enjoyable experience from the products he or she uses, especially those from Apple."

Added his beard (known as The Beard), "Shut up, and pick up the guitar."

The Mac Observer would like to congratulate Mr. Dalrymple on his already-excellent work at The Loop. We've been following the site in its beta form, and we recommend you check it out frequently and often, after TMO, of course.

Jim Dalrymple & The Beard
Peter Cohen, Bryan Chaffin, Jim Dalrymple, and The Beard
(That's really Jim, there, the respected and venerable Mac journalist)
(Photo courtesy of Chuck Joiner, taken after a show by The Atomic Love Bombs)