Jing Allows Easy Sharing of Image, Video Captures

SAN FRANCISCO -- TechSmith Corp. on Tuesday unveiled Jing and Jing Pro, applications that allow users to add screen-captured images and videos to instant messages, emails, forums, Twitter, social networking sites, and more. The software automatically encodes the capture to TechSmith's Screencast.com service and places a link to it on the user's clipboard.

Images can be annotated with arrows, callouts, text, and highlights, while narration can be added to video captures. HTML embed code can also be generated for use on a blog or web site. Jing Pro offers more flexibility, including direct uploads to YouTube, support for high-definition video, and the ability to edit video captures in such applications as iMovie.

Annotating an image

Jing requires Mac OS X version 10.4.9 and comes with a free Screencast.com account with 2GB of storage and 2GB of monthly transfer bandwidth. Jing Pro costs US$14.95 per year.