"Jobs" Now Set for Aug 16 Release

"Jobs," the biopic based on the life of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and starring Ashton Kutcher, is now set for an August 16 release in the United States. The movie was originally scheduled to launch in April, but Open Road Films decided to delay after its premier at the Sundance Film Festival to make more time for marketing.

Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs hits theaters on August 16Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs hits theaters on August 16

Moving the release from April to August means "Jobs" won't be going up against summer blockbuster movies, giving it a better chance for box office success, according to The Wrap.

This isn't the first movie based depicting the life of Steve Jobs. Funny or Die has already released its comedy "iSteve," and Sony is working on a movie adaptation of the Walter Isaacson biography of Mr. Jobs, too.

"Jobs" was generally liked at Sundance, but did receive mixed reviews. Assuming Open Road Films felt the response warranted re-editing the film to improve the likelihood of more positive reviews, delaying the release to August would give time to make those changes.