Jobs Claims Tablet is the Most Important Thing He's Done

Apparently Apple CEO is just as excited about the alleged launch of the company's tablet computer is the public -- to the point that he's calling the device the most important thing he's done, according to TechCrunch.

Unnamed sources have claimed Mr. Jobs has told company executives and friends "This will be the most important thing I've ever done."

Considering how the Apple II, Macintosh, iPod and iPhone all changed markets, Apple apparently has some game changing plans in store for its tablet device. Whether or not those are tablet features, changes in the way we receive content, or a combination of the two, remains to be seen.

Apple will be hosting a special media event on Wednesday, January 27, where the company is expected to introduce its rumored tablet device. The company hasn't confirmed yet that it is even working on a tablet, but that hasn't stopped people from speculating that it will sport an iPhone-like touch interface, 10-inch multi-touch display, built-in Wi-Fi and wireless data support, video iChat support, ebook reader support, the ability to run iPhone and iPod touch applications, and more.

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