Jobs Reaffirms Apple Isn’t Interested in Blu-ray

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has already said he isn’t interested in the Blu-ray disc format, and he recently reaffirmed that position in reply to customer email.

According to Mac Rumors, Mr. Jobs responded to a customer’s email asking why the recently updated Mac mini doesn’t include a Blu-ray disc drive by stating “Blu-ray is looking more and more like one of the high end audio formats that appeared as the successor to the CD — like it will be beaten by Internet downloadable formats.”

He added that the online movie industry is transitioning into free services such as Hulu and rental services like the iTunes Store. “We may see a fast broad move to streamed free and rental content at sufficient quality (at least 720p) to win almost everyone over,” Mr. Jobs said.

For customers that have been hoping Apple would eventually add Blu-ray compatible drives to its computers, it looks like they’ll be waiting a long time.