Jobs Says iPad Printing Support On the Way

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One complaint about Apple’s iPad is that the multimedia tablet doesn’t support printing, although company CEO Steve Jobs apparently says that’s on the way.

In response to an email inquiry, Mr. Jobs apparently said that the ability to print from an iPad is coming, according to Mac Rumors.

“Why no printing on the iPad? What gives?” the email asked. Mr. Jobs replied “It will come.”

Mr. Jobs didn’t, however, indicate exactly when iPad owners will be able to print from their tablets without buying third party applications.

Outside of Mr. Jobs’s email response, Apple hasn’t confirmed that it is planning on adding printing support to the iPad.



Really? Just when did Steve Jobs hold a press conference and announce that iPad printing is on the way?

I’m getting tired of non-authenticated replies supposedly coming from SJ being posted as news. Really. At least macrumors noted that it’s hard to authenticate.

This is the type of crap that investors can start to get their panties in a twist about and start selling. Okay, not printing on the iPad, but if this keeps up, and people believe the responses it’s only a matter of time before something more investment-worthy news is published “from SJ’s phone”.  And if you can manipulate investors, you can make money on it (and someone will.. eventually).


Here is a real working solution to printing on the iPad and it doesn’t require a photocopier or OSX Server.

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