John Martellaro, Here and There

TMO's senior editor John Martellaro has made recent appearances on both The Tech Night Owl and MacVoices.

On The Tech Night Owl for May 3rd, John joined Gene Steinberg to talk about recent drop in iPad sales, why professionals go nuts over Apple's "mid-course" corrections and the reasons why Apple shouldn't try to copy Google Glass. John also spoke about the TV set-top box wars and the abracadabra of 4K TV streaming. Here's the link to the show, also with Ryan Rosenberg and Dann Berg

At MacVoices, Chuck Joiner, Mark Fuccio, Ken Ray and John Martellaro talked and talked. In Part I, the group explored the rumors about Apple acquiring Beats Music and what it could all mean.

Clockwise from upper left: Martellaro, Ray, Joiner, Fuccio.

In Part II, the discussion continued with an exploration of what Apple has gained and lost in its litigation against Samsung. And to spice things up, Mr. Joiner hosted further discussion about mobile phone operating systems. These guys know their stuff, so check out these videos with just a click.